What is PartyBusinessManager.com

Running your own business can be difficult and PartyBusinessManager.com is here to help make that job a little easier. This site is designed to be a one-stop website needed to manage all your business needs.

PartyBusinessManager.com offers UNLIMITED contact, party and order management, expense and mileage tracking, product/stock management, reminders (stock, contact-specific and general), and email marketing.

Standard membership is completely FREE! Want to send emails to your contacts? Our Basic email subscription is just $7.95 and includes the ability to send emails to 500 email recipients per month. Need to send more emails? Additional levels are available that allow for sending to more email recipients. Sign up now for free!

Contact Management

  • UNLIMITED Contacts can easily be created and edited
  • Use contacts to keep track of hostesses, party guests, orders and email contacts
  • Create contact-specific reminders to remind yourself to email the contact for reservicing or with a special gift on their birthday for example
  • Easily build email groups and email lists
  • Quick Start system to quickly and easily add all of your existing contacts
Make your life easier. Manage your contacts.

Party Management

  • Add parties to allow for easy tracking of guests, orders, date, location and other party-specific information
  • Track tasks to make sure the party is as successful as it can be
  • Email the party hostess and/or invited guests directly
  • Parties automatically appear in a calendar on the homepage

Order Management

  • Add orders individually or to parties
  • Orders store the contact, date and products purchased
  • Products are broken down into stock, ordered and online for easy reporting and management

Email Marketing

  • Send emails to your contacts when you want
  • Build email templates to easily build emails
  • Manage email groups for quick building of email recipient lists
  • View email campaign information such as how many contacts are receiving the emails and how many are being opened

Additional Features

  • Party and Consultant Lead Tracking
  • Expense Tracking
  • Mileage Log
  • Reporting
  • Stock Management
  • Stock, Contact and Personal Reminders
  • Quick Start system to quickly and easily add all of your existing contacts